The Importance of People in Organizations

People in organizationsPicture an organization of any kind, be it a small non-profit organization run by five team members or a large multinational corporation with thousands of employees; now take away the people. What do you have left? Not a whole lot.

You may have envisioned the organization’s physical resources as what was left behind such as empty buildings and quiet offices, or its financial resources like the money behind the business, but no matter how great an organization’s physical or financial resources, or how successful its product or service, it is clear that no organization can thrive without its foundation and its blood – its people. Continue reading


Is Canada Failing to Recognize Your Foreign Credentials?

Immigrant Struggling to Find WorkCanada is known for attracting new immigrants with its attractive high quality of life, racial tolerance and abundant career opportunities, but many new immigrants are facing a serious challenge in finding stable full time work once they’ve made the move.

The majority of newcomers to Canada are highly educated in their home countries, but still face a significant issue when employers fail to recognize their foreign accreditations. According to a July 2008 report, 54 percent of immigrants who have moved to Canada since 2002 have been university educated. Yet in 2007, the unemployment rate for these immigrants was four times higher than that of similarly educated Canadian residents, a considerable gap. To continue reading this post click here

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So What is This ‘Movember’ Thing I Keep Hearing About?

What is Movember?

Movember Moustache During November each year, “Movember” is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces around the world. Across the globe, men document the growing of their Mo’s, snapping photos from day 1 till the end of the month and sharing them with friends all the while raising vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and mental health initiatives. To read the rest of this post click here

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Outrageous Dream Jobs | Episode 1 – Around The World

Honeymoon Testers at Work9:00-5:00 jobs with busy days and changing tasks might sound good to lots of people, but a lucky few are fortunate enough to have some very untraditional, outrageous and high paying jobs to make the rest of us seriously jealous! This week we explore tropical island caretakers, honeymoon testers and digital nomads! To read the rest of this post click here

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3 Easy Ways to Keep Healthy and Happy This School Year

Happy students jumpingTime flies when you’re having fun and life can sometimes feel like it’s flying by too fast! Many of us mark the month of September as a new starting point for making changes in our lives- like getting your act together and pulling your grades up, coming back to school with a new style, or trying to make more time for your hobbies. Do you ever feel like you make a huge list of things to do and never really get around to them? Truth is, September is such a hectic month for settling in, so why not use this fresh month of October to make it all happen? To continue reading this post click here

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How to Write Effective Subject Lines in Email Marketing

Email spamEver get sick of all the spam emails that make it into your email inbox and wonder how many minutes of your life are wasted on hitting a junkmail button a few times a day? On the other hand, have you ever found out about a great shopping deal, networking event, or other opportunity through email that you wouldn’t have known about otherwise? You’ve probably experienced the good and bad of email marketing, and it seems that despite the dark side of spam, email marketing still works! To read the rest of this post click here 

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The Booming Demand for Web Marketers

Online marketingIf you haven’t read about web marketing before, you might want to reconsider; the industry is booming! With the on-going switch from traditional to digital media platforms in the past few years, this comes as no surprise. However, the web marketing industry is facing an issue: the lack of qualified job candidates. To read the rest of this post click here.

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