Ginger 62, Thank You.

As plenty of Facebook posts fill my newsfeed with friends sharing their best Ginger memories over the years, I have yet to write a post myself. Whenever I thought of writing my own little Ginger goodbye, all I could think was I had far too much to say. While life at Ginger is a personal experience that differs from person to person, I think much of our love for Ginger stems from the same things, and I hope that through my words I can capture what many of us feel. Continue reading


The Art of Gloving in Vancouver

It was just over a year ago that I was completely hypnotized by a new dance art. As I scoped out the music and the crowd getting ready to enjoy my new scene for the night, my vision shifted to some incredibly shiny lights floating beautifully on the dance floor in sync with the music. There was Allan Kidson, wearing white gloves with multi-coloured LED fingertips, completely mesmerizing people around him, making even the most energetic dancers still going late into the night stop dead in their tracks, abandoning their moves to watch him work his magic.

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