Ginger 62, Thank You.

As plenty of Facebook posts fill my newsfeed with friends sharing their best Ginger memories over the years, I have yet to write a post myself. Whenever I thought of writing my own little Ginger goodbye, all I could think was I had far too much to say. While life at Ginger is a personal experience that differs from person to person, I think much of our love for Ginger stems from the same things, and I hope that through my words I can capture what many of us feel. Continue reading


The Art of Gloving in Vancouver

It was just over a year ago that I was completely hypnotized by a new dance art. As I scoped out the music and the crowd getting ready to enjoy my new scene for the night, my vision shifted to some incredibly shiny lights floating beautifully on the dance floor in sync with the music. There was Allan Kidson, wearing white gloves with multi-coloured LED fingertips, completely mesmerizing people around him, making even the most energetic dancers still going late into the night stop dead in their tracks, abandoning their moves to watch him work his magic.

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What Millennials Want | Keeping Fresh Talent On Your Team

Generation Y

By 2020 millennials will make up 50% of the workforce, and 75% of the workforce by 2030. In line with these forecasts, in 2011 the millennial generation accounted for 29% of the population. Ever increasing, this population is the largest generational cohort since the Baby Boomers. Best known for their flexibility, technological competency, innovative nature and fresh perspective, millennials offer employers across all industries the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage.

While employers may be successful in attracting this generation’s Top Talent, there is evidence that they are struggling to retain it. Today, 91% of millennials expect to stay at their job for less than three years and 70% will leave their first position within two years. With a millennial tendency to job hop, employers are at risk of facing high turnover costs [see “The Real Cost of Hire” ] in the future if they do not take the initiative to truly understand this generation’s needs. The following are three of the most popular demands of the millennial generation. To continue reading this post click here.

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The Psychology of Extreme Sports | Why We Want The Thrill

Risk TakingOn the 14th of October 2012, more than 8 million viewers live-streamed one event across the world, marking the biggest live-streamed event to date according to Mashable. It wasn’t a presidential election, a royal wedding, nor an Olympic ceremony; but the mere sight of extreme daredevil Felix Baumgartner risking his life by jumping from 24 miles above the earth.

Why such a bizarre event attracted millions of us is questionable, and offers considerable insight into human nature. Why do dangerous activities like extreme sports excite us, what motivates us to participate in them, and why do we want the thrill? There are thousands of explanations for why we may enjoy extreme sports, from satisfying our death wish, to enjoying the same hormones our brains secrete on recreational drugs. Going back to our innate needs and desires, however, the following are arguably some strong explanations behind our attraction to risk. To continue reading this post, click here 

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The Science of Extreme Sports | Why We Seek Danger For Fun

Extreme Sports Psychology“You’re crazy! There must be something wrong with you!” That guaranteed, priceless response I get out of my dad every time I make it back alive from an extreme sport. Since humans and animals are naturally programmed to avoid heights and major risks to survive, his understanding that extreme sports are unnatural makes sense.

While many may join him in disbelief, there are also thousands people that willingly enjoy taking blind leaps of faith, as in skydiving. Are some of us “crazy” and some of us sane? Is it nature or nurture that determines our unique cravings for danger, our perceptions of fear, and our decisions to jump or not? To continue reading this post click here.

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3 Must Do Summer Activities in Washington State

Cascade RangesWashington State is just one of those places that feels like heaven on earth. With mountains, rivers, rain forests and all kinds of natural beauty in every direction you look, Washington State brings plenty of opportunity for great summer activities. Enjoying hiking, biking, climbing and having fun white water rafting down amazing rivers,  the state brings you an unbeatable summer experience.

Whether you’re looking to try out something different this summer or if you’re a true outdoors junkie, there’s definitely something for you to enjoy. Here are three must-do summer activities in Washington State. To continue reading this post click here. 

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Top 5 White Water River Rafting Destinations in Washington State

White Water Rafting in WashingtonWashington State is home to some of the world’s best white water river rafting adventures. An activity that gets your heart pumping, adrenaline rushing and smile bursting, river rafting is a must-do activity if you’re visiting Washington State. If you’re not sure where to start, check out these 5 most popular rafting rivers to find out which one matches your level and adventure cravings. To continue reading this post click here

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