Ginger 62, Thank You.

As plenty of Facebook posts fill my newsfeed with friends sharing their best Ginger memories over the years, I have yet to write a post myself. Whenever I thought of writing my own little Ginger goodbye, all I could think was I had far too much to say. While life at Ginger is a personal experience that differs from person to person, I think much of our love for Ginger stems from the same things, and I hope that through my words I can capture what many of us feel.

 “If you’re looking for really good house music, Ginger is the place to be on a Saturday night.” That was all my good friend Abdul had to tell me for my Ginger journey to begin. I took his word for it, and all I know for sure is that one Saturday night was all it took to keep me coming back for more. I was amazed that I had found a place where I felt like I belonged. Everything from the genre of music, to the crowd, to the always bumping dance floor and comfortable club layout and design made perfect sense to me; it was nightclub utopia and I never wanted to leave.

I soon became a regular, never missing a Di2trict Saturday, recognizing the same people who did the same thing, getting to know the staff, and recruiting masses of friends to come along for the next weekend. We eventually grew to a crew of at least 20 of us storming Ginger week after week. Months in, people began to ask “doesn’t it get old?” and “aren’t you bored of it already?” and the answer was always “… are you kidding me?”.

Ginger wasn’t just a nightclub; it was home. It was the starting point to some of the best things in my life today, namely the family I made through it, as well as the person I became. Without all those nights at Ginger, I would have never met the greatest people in my life that I now spend most of my time with. People on the same wavelength as me, filled with such great energy and positivity, with truly good taste in music we could easily bond over. They’re some of the most welcoming and open people I’ve ever met, and they were all there every weekend for the same exact reasons. Ginger was the place where we would unite to take our mental breaks no matter what our stories were, the place where we could finally leave our worries behind for a few hours.

It wasn’t just about great weekends, Ginger became the soundtrack to my life. It’s monthly soundcloud mixes not only served as my pre-party pump up music and the music to remind me of the last weekend’s shenanigans, but the music that helped get me out of bed on my worst days, gave me inspiration when I needed it, pushed me hard even at the gym and helped me wind down at the end of the day. I was living and breathing Ginger vibes no matter where my week took me.

And now finally, I can start to say thank you, though I will never be able to thank you enough. Thank you to everyone involved in Ginger that made it what it was; you are some of the friendliest and most easy going staff I’ve ever come across. Thank you for making Ginger such a wonderful experience weekend after weekend. I’ve never brought a friend along that didn’t have a fantastic time. Thank you for defining what house music means, for supporting local artists, and for putting on such great events and lineups that we all looked forward to week after week, month after month. To all the regulars as well as anyone that has ever stopped by for drink or a dance, thank you so much for coming along for the ride and raising the roof with your energy.

As much as it saddens me to say goodbye and as much as I wonder what we will all do next, I’ll try not to cry because it’s over and smile because it happened.

Ginger 62, thank you for being you.

Thank you, Ginger62



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